Luminescence for your Special Moments

Our Chimes

Why is the sound of our Chimes so unique? Customers call it: “soft, yet bright”, “soothing”, “joyful”, “festive”, “mesmerizing” and “comforting”. Whatever divergence there is in how our customers experience the sound of our chimes, the common foundation is they “love them”. Keeping our promise to the founders of "The Original Angel Chimes" requires that we use the same high quality European made metal that has been used for generations when we meticulously fabricate each Chime. And so, the answer to “why is the sound so unique?” is clear: our persistent commitment to quality. In a world that has changed many times since the first Angel Chime was illuminated, the precision of our elegant craftsmanship has remained constant.

The Angel Chimes you are ordering today are created in concert with generations of dedicated employees and family members focused on product integrity. When you open your Angel Chimes you are bringing an ongoing tradition forward in time.

We are grateful you are choosing the truly original and longest running manufacturer of this wonderful tradition in the world. Thank you for bringing us into your home.


The Original Manufacturer of Angel Chimes:  A Symphony of Tradition since 1948