Chinese Angel Chimes

Magical Spinning Swedish Angel Chimes
Made In China,

These are bright and shiny, made by two seperate Chinese factorys, but are copys of the long time Swedish Manufactured Chimes (We have sold for 38 years,) that we all remember from childhood.

Many are promoting these Chinese Manufactured chimes as "Swedish Chimes" They are manufactured in China.

In fact no chimes are currently made in Sweden. The Swedish Factory was moved to Turkey sold out to a cheaper labor market to compete and are now being made there and sold as the authentic original chimes.

They are made with the original Swedish specs and factory equipment. We find the quality the same.

We are in the Chimes business and sell all three chimes so you know the difference and not pay for something you were unaware of.

The Chinese Chimes are remarkable quality for the price.

The Authentic Chimes, Swedish Design and Factory Equipment, now made in Turkey are considerable more expensive, but many want the exact same chimes they remember from childhood, so we offer all 3.

We can not always have inventory on all three because demand is seasonal and they do sell out. We are the primary source of These Chimes In the U.S. and have been for years.

For more details, current pricing and availability of each please go here.

Chinese Angel Chimes
Two Sides Pictured of the Dual Chimes Box.

For those desiring less expensive "copies" of the original Chimes, keep in mind there are more then one manufacturer of Chinese Chimes.

We have sorted out the best manufacturer of Chinese Chimes and are offering these "best of Chinese" copies Chimes at lower price then others because we do not mark them up and "pretend" they are the "authentic" chimes, or the only chimes available.

We sell a Chinese dual chimes where you get an extra set of "Party" figures for use year around as well.

Thus, you have a choice at a lower price if that is what you want and we send you our instructions on "correctly" setting these up so work fine.

We guarantee you will be satisfied with your purchase, on either chimes, or you can return anything purchased from us for a full refund. That has been our policy since 1972, when we started selling chimes.

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For the Authentic Swedish Chimes we Import now from Turkey, Authentic Angel Chimes. com

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